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    International community, passionate & engaging.
    Mixing technology, games, and first-in-class community, .vAs. Gaming is not only pushing the social gaming envelope, it's trailblazing the standard by investing in it's members. Come join us and make great things happen!

    .vAs. Gaming is an international online gaming community focusing on aggressively breaking into multiple gaming markets and creating a solid, tight-knit, social community. Leveraging over 10 years of online community experience, .vAs. Gaming is fundamentally transforming how gamers interact within multiplayer games!

    At .vAs. Gaming, we believe our name is only as strong as our character, and our character is only as good as the people in our community. We strive to push ourselves and each other, in order to improve every day and surround ourselves with success. .vAs. Gaming provides many Volunteer opportunities; encouraging experience, growth, and training of our members is a top priority for us in .vAs. Gaming

    Benefit Plans

    • Free .vAs. Subscription Membership with all included subscription benefits
    • Influence in .vAs. Gaming decisions and discussions 
    • Professional Development
    • Opportunities for training and career growth


    Team Captain - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
    Team Captain - Rainbow 6: Siege
    Team Captain - Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    Team Captain - Destiny 2
    Team Captain - The Elder Scrolls Online
    Team Captain - Rocket League

    Server Moderator - 7 Days to Die
    Server Moderator - Rust
    Server Moderator - ARK: Survival Evolved
    Server Moderator - CONAN: Exiles
    Server Moderator - Minecraft
    Forum & Discord Moderator

    Media & Marketing
    Social Media Manager
    Multimedia Producer
    Game Streamer

    Information Technology & Security
    Systems Administrator