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  1. Thunderflex

    Brainstorming - Seeing who might be interested

    I used discord all the time when playing Rust, its pretty legit. It did have one wierd thing tho, you werent able to run your games in administrator mode. Some sort of confliction with discord. Other than that though its pretty great
  2. Thunderflex

    Brainstorming - Seeing who might be interested

    What about Discord or Mumble for a free alternative to Teamspeak? Saving monies is great! A smaller monthly fee would probably be more sufficient for everyone though Im sure. Student debt is a bitch!
  3. Thunderflex

    Favorite ESO Add-Ons

    Oh, right, also Wykkd's Framework: provides these things Wykkyd's Enhanced Chat Wykkyd's Enhanced HUD Wykkyd's Macros Wykkyd's Toolbar I disliked the toolbar because it doesnt fit nicely anywhere unless the compass ui is removed, but i use the shit out of the compass! Maybe couple the toolbar with a nice compass app?
  4. Thunderflex

    Favorite ESO Add-Ons

    Dustman: Bag addon to auto sell particular items in your inventory when you reach any sellable area. Very customizeable too Lore Books: puts all Lorebooks on your map Minimap by Fyrakin: makes a minimap. a straight clone of the regular map, but mini! and on your screen all the time! Ive found this useful maybe 30% of the time. I still tend to use the big map Recount: want to know if youre any good, or if one build is better than another, this is how! DPS tracking mostly SkyShards: Puts all skyshard locations on the map Slightly Improved Experience Bar (buggy at Veteran level): adds numerical values of your experience progress on the bar as well as keeping the bar active all the time. Veteran level has issues because of the Champion System, and thats relatively new. Undiscovered: Shows quest hubs and other discoverables on the map. Very useful when you feel like youve completed a map, chances are, you havent!
  5. Thunderflex

    Meet commie at age 60

    well, we did actually have someone complain once commie...though, i dont think it was for you swearing at your monitor, lol
  6. Thunderflex

    Meet commie at age 60