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  1. Redacted

    Lets do a Hardcore clanwide DayZ run!

    Haha I had a game where I spawned in as a goat. It was a hack that people used to change people into animals. I totally get the frustration of trying to get the game to work that was always a pain but it was a mod not really a game that supported everything they were trying to do. However that will all be fixed soon I hope with the release of the stand alone Day z game. Its pretty cool looking you should check it out.
  2. Redacted


    Yeah I am enjoying playing with everyone except insane when he camps in that one room on that one map GRRRRR. I will find a way to get you. See you around the watercooler Moto and everyone.
  3. Well mine installed in 20 minutes and the only issues I am having is the crashing bug that everyone else is having other than that playing like a dream. Hardcore sniper rifles are the way to go. If anyone want to add me and play my username is xDeltaSierra25x becuase someone in puerto rico STOLE my name grrrr so I had to put those stupid x's in it lol.
  4. Redacted

    The things I do when I get bored...

    Nice I wish I could do things with video editing sadly I am not very good at it. I am however pretty good in Photoshop making graphics and such.
  5. Redacted

    Successful Troll was Successful :D

    Back in my day....... :) Facebook is slowly dying just like myspace lol.
  6. Redacted

    Lets do a Hardcore clanwide DayZ run!

    I am down whenever. For those having issues use DayZ commander it auto updates and creates all the mod loaders automatically. Plus I can not wait till the new one comes out its going to be SO AWESOME. I love hunting people in DayZ or just running around them scaring them till they alt f4 muahaha but I like helping people too but most of the time that ends up with me getting shot.....welcome to Cherno!
  7. Redacted

    Post Your Computer Space [CENTRAL]

    Yeah I live in Oregon so when I need to cool my case I just open a window LOL.
  8. Redacted

    Post Your Computer Space [CENTRAL]

    Heck yeah got to have the Bond poster its a MUST in any manly mans house haha. I like my phantom case I might swap it out to a half XB by cooler master when I do my upgrade in November. Redacted
  9. Redacted


    Haha yeah I needed a change so I just took Delta which is what I was going by and replaced it with 5 stars and put redacted next to I like it something different.
  10. Redacted

    Post Your Computer Space [CENTRAL]

    That's both ridiculous and awesome at the same time Raven. Here is my set up but after Ravens why bother lol.
  11. Fruit Ninja is ADDICTING!!!

  12. Redacted


    Hello vAs. I am new around here I just recently started to hop on vent with everyone even though I have been stalking Commie with an SMG for a while now. I have submitted an application to become a part of the clan because I enjoy the atmosphere and the level of drive to play well. I have been in a few clans where I am sad to say this was not the case. I played competitively with Tactical Gaming on there competition team for a few years and placed fairly high on the ladders won a few tourneys. I actively competed in COD modern warfare 2 and 3 as well as BO 1 and Battlefield 3 and bad company 2. I had up until a few months ago went by DeltaSierra25 or Delta but I changed it to mess around and try something new. I play most FPS to win and that means that I play the objectives and with my team. I am pretty well versed in all the classes some suit me better than others but I am down with what ever. I will be around vent if anyone wants to hang out or ask me anything. I look forward to playing with everyone and getting to know them. Redacted
  13. Redacted

    The Raven

    Oh Hi Raven! STOP stealing my kills :) Redacted