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  1. TokinTim


    DUDE WTF NOT CHILL. just kidding :3
  2. TokinTim

    Clan Snowboarding Trip?!?!

    yes, maybe you should remake another topic? Since this one is kinda weird to talk on. :P
  3. TokinTim

    Lets do a Hardcore clanwide DayZ run!

    I'd be pretty down to try again. It's good for sure.
  4. TokinTim

    Clan Snowboarding Trip?!?!

    yey! down as fuck!
  5. TokinTim

    Hello again

    Me too.
  6. TokinTim

    Project Pubstar

  7. TokinTim

    Computer Problem :S

    http://www.eightforums.com/sound-audio/29819-sound-popping-crackling.html Tim
  8. TokinTim

    Project Pubstar

    Yo mang i got some sik double qs wallbang jumps and shit. But my computer is having issues. I need to replace the motherboard. It's pretty annoying.
  9. TokinTim

    Humble Bundle - www.HumbleBundle.com

    Yep i bought 2 bundles, i gave a whole bunch of games to vas guys.
  10. TokinTim

    hey im goodeye

    I eat little children for supper. I roast them.
  11. TokinTim

    Sabbatical of the blade

    Good luck man! Bitches be cray
  12. TokinTim

    Uh, yeah?

    Very nice. Awesome work