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  1. Donlee

    hello all!

    Hey nice to meet you, not played the forest for ages i may give it a spin again always up for 7days, what other survival games can you recommend? Ill have a look at space survival games for sure and hopefully see you on one of the servers or in teamspeak.
  2. FCk me this game is amazing and also fcking annoying, I love it so much and have still never won a chicken dinner. I cant hit the side of a barn from 50mtrs away, i reckon i loose 70% of gunfights, the bullet mechanics are beyond my comprehension FPS is the way to go fck 3rd person. What do you guys think im terrible at the game still make it to top 10 majority of the time because im so very very sneaky have only played solo except for 1 game of duos with commie. Im thinking i would like someone more skilled to carry me in duos or teams im actually tactically very sound and find i get the jump on my opponents 90% of the time im just terrible and shooting in this game....
  3. Donlee


    Ok now i just get property ads near me i cant afford another mortgage these guys just trying to get me in a hole i cant get out off
  4. Donlee


    This guys a joker for sure ;-)
  5. Donlee

    The Official Weed Thread!

    I love this old thread still smoking everyday been 28 years now, just realized i dont dream when i smoke so not dreamt for that long wonder how that affects me??
  6. Donlee

    .vAs. 7 Days to Die Server

    Why you stealing my game bro
  7. Donlee

    .vAs. Gaming - 2017 Donation Run!

    Ill pay mine when ever you want just need to sort out paypal as my account got hacked and i never used it since
  8. Donlee

    Steam "Idle Master"

    Fckin hackers, Commie is jealous cause he sees all the cash i have been making legit from playing games not this shit that will make cards worth 1 cent ;-( Hope you get a vac ban like i did
  9. Donlee


    Lol dont know if anyone is getting the same banner as me on bottom of website but looks like we are pimping out around 9000 Russian women, because apparently Russian women date to ;-) love it now i can add pimp to my CV.
  10. Donlee

    BO3 Players for PC

    Im considering getting it how many people in the clan actually got this one after the pain of the last 2 money wasting titles although i did vow never again.
  11. ill just give you money as usual for your crazy magic beans
  12. Donlee

    Website & Forum Feedback

    Still cant do it using chrome etc only new thing i added was adblock everything else the same on my pc cant work it out mate
  13. Donlee

    Website & Forum Feedback

    Cant shout in the shoutbox was trying to say something about how duff only talks about work and gpus on here but didnt post ;-(
  14. Donlee

    Survival games list

    I been playing the forest for a while its pretty cool considering it was single player alpha cant wait till its multiplayer
  15. Donlee

    Post your favorite MUSIC here!

    seriously may as well archive this post as all the links are dead which is what the post was about in the first place