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  1. Duffman

    Play Time & Timezone

    work really has me tied up lately, by the time i get home alot of you guys are sleeping so i cant catch anyone most of the time, i try to keep in touch but its really hard to when u work 14 hour days btw australian central time
  2. Duffman

    .vAs. Gaming - 2016 Donation Run!

    Just donated my 60$ for the year
  3. Duffman


    lol im getting Cute singles near u lmao!!!
  4. even though i dont use TS or play much atm due to work, im happy to donate as much as i can to keep this community going
  5. Duffman

    XPS 14 LP421x

    who still uses word? lol. google docs ftw, what are u using magiciso for anyway, just to mount ISO files?, use PowerISO, way better program and its alot more stable
  6. Duffman

    Boom's New Video Card

    Iv been playing around with graphics cards for awhile, I love reading how the architecture works, interesting thing is that the nvidia cards are still using gddr5 for Vram an amd is using hbm also known as 3d memory, this uses less powerful chips an stacking them to make up for performance, the bandwidth of this chips are massive but u have to have a good architecture to fully support this memory an from what iv seen amd is loosing this race, nvidia is still on the same process node that amd is on, 28nm an nvidia have much better luck with performance per watt then what amd is having with their cards, the 980ti still uses 250watt tdp but the chip it's self is around the same size than amds an still uses gddr5, has less heat output vs amd r9 furyx 300watt tdp, I though hbm was meant to reduce power...? Lol
  7. Duffman

    Boom's New Video Card

    get that 980ti, its a beast of a card also read reviews before u start saying what card is better or not, the card that DownForLife showed was not the FuryX they will not have custom cards come out, AMD has a lock down like nvidia has with Titan series, also the 980ti still cleans up on all the reviews if seen of both cards, [plus the HBM memory doesnt support overclocking the card much, 980ti, very close to 1.5ghz on air also NVdia cards with have FULL!!!!!!!! DX12 support, meaning dx12.1 is what nvidia cards are rated at, amds current architecture only support minimal support of dx12 fury review to see how it stacks up against the 980ti http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/amd_radeon_r9_fury_x_review,15.html sorry for the scatter brain bs, was high as fuck when writing this lolol
  8. Duffman


    looks lioke u better change all ur passwords brah
  9. Duffman


    i agree with commie, get ur self a good headphone amp and some good quality headphones, i my self use sennheiser PC350s that iv had for years still going strong (only the mic died) and Asus xonar STX headphone amp/soundcard, for music its sick, plus i love to sound whore and it works great (those GRAW Days of sound mod lol) id be carefull with creatives latter stuff, their drivers have been a bit of an issue of late, my mate spearsy has that sound card commie recommended and his mic wont work in the card for some reason
  10. you should try playing around with Cryengine SDK, its really fun to mess around with
  11. Duffman

    Your favorite recipe when you were kid

    stake and egg open sandwich
  12. Duffman

    Absentee & Vacations

    Work is getting crazy an just want to put this up. I wont be able to play or get on ts/vent at all untill mid January
  13. Duffman

    Turn music off in Ghost's ;-)

    we did this all the time for Mw3, never got vac banned but u do have to do it everytime the game updates, weekly updates from IW on mw3 wen it was relased use to fuck me right off
  14. Never had that issue, mine took 3 hours to download with out a hitch, been playing last couple of days and so far so good
  15. Duffman

    New Website Design WIP

    This is what I see on my phone