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  1. Troxell

    Near Future for Myself

    ya gl and have fun with pop and dont worry about us we will kill each other in due time muhahahahaha no really your spot in vAs is and we alwas be open aslong as you want it =)
  2. Troxell

    Troxell's über weird fetish

    Dun Diddly Doo Daw Dee DAW!! YEAH!!
  3. hells ya [email protected] =) theres mine and hey we can make you a video too man get some good kills put it in your vault and we can record em np put whatever song you want on it
  4. Troxell

    Myself I guess?

    np at all thanks
  5. Troxell

    Troxell's Lil "Plant"

    workin on it brah
  6. Troxell

    Movies & Pictures [CENTRAL]

    that looks like my moms pc i hade to clean that shit lol
  7. Troxell

    New Server!

    well ok no its not my java um it wasnt only me it was everybody on the server....
  8. Troxell

    New Server!

    well when i have to repeat my self i start to yell... and you cant sit there and tell me that lie you wasnt laggy its not my net if i can play mw3 fine with no problem my connection has nothing to do with it thats fucking funny and them 19 people was saying it was laggy
  9. Troxell

    New Server!

    well it doesnt matter if they fix it or not its just going to keep going on there going to fix it something else happens and same shit they fix it that just seems like alot of trouble for both us and admins and i rather it just be them then us... and our new base was givein to us as a big fucking box!!! see what im sayin
  10. Troxell

    New Server!

    well i got 2 things here first anybody who finds a server post the ip here... second bman's server i do not think we should have it on our website for a few reasons its so laggy you just cant play and we have hade many many problems on it do you think we should remove it?!?!?!?!?!
  11. Troxell

    ridge racer unbounded

    that says it all...
  12. Troxell

    Word Association

  13. Troxell

    I AM YOUR .vAs. GOD!

    GRATS all that spam worked out fpr you....
  14. Troxell

    Word Association