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Ahhhhhh no chicken dinner for me

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FCk me this game is amazing and also  fcking annoying, I love it so much and have still never won a chicken dinner. I cant hit the side of a barn from 50mtrs away, i reckon i loose 70% of gunfights, the bullet mechanics are beyond my comprehension FPS is the way to go fck 3rd person. What do you guys think im terrible at the game still make it to top 10 majority of the time because im so very very sneaky have only played solo except for 1 game of duos with commie.  Im thinking i would like someone more skilled to carry me in duos or teams im actually tactically very sound and find i get the jump on my opponents 90% of the time im just terrible and shooting in this game....  

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The game is actually way more fun with a group, i recommend!

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