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.vAs. 7 Days to Die Server Info & Rules

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- Duping items, griefing others bases, and killing in the PVE Spawn zone will not be tolerated! Violators will be banned without hesitation!
- .vAs. Members are non-hostile unless provoked. We're here for you! - Mainly for peace keeping and administration duties

- Hosted and backed up on a Virtual Private Server with elastic server specs, here: https://www.vasgaming.com/dedicated-server-specs/
- Server Backups scheduled routinely
- Dedicated Discord for all to join
- Dedicated website, forums, and community

.vAs. Gaming - Blood Moon |Newb Friendly|PvP|Admins
- Vanilla Server
- Rare Game Wipes
- Active Admins and Moderators
- PvP, Friendly & Helpful Community.
- Server Economy using zCoins
- /spawn area to get to a friendly community of players that are willing to help!
- Rewards for Voting
- Drop on Death - Nothing
- Drop on Quit - Nothing
- Zombie behavior: Normally (day walk, night run)
- GBL Global Ban List & Anticheat Activated
- Server Commands: /spawn /day7 /wallet /money /home /sethome /grablcb /revive /bounty /vote

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