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    • What is the easiest way for me to party up with .vAs. Members?
      The easiest way is to join our .vAs. Discord and contact one of our members, we also welcome you to introduce yourself and say hello in the Discord chat. You can also reach us on our Forums, or at one of our multiple Social Media sites.
    • What is the current community ranking structure of .vAs. Gaming?
      .vAs. Gaming is an exclusive gaming community supported by volunteers and donations. Our structure consists of a primary Staff of Moderators and Administrators, normal Members who have passed recruitment, and Recruits who are being vetted and interveiwed before being fully allowed into our community.
    • What are the requirements to join?
      In order to join .vAs. Gaming, you need to be at least 18 years of year, you will need to create an account on our website and submit and Application, as well as join our Discord when you play. You will need a headset or microphone, and it helps to introduce yourself in our forums. We also require that you have a clean Steam VAC account, as cheaters are not permitted into .vAs. Gaming.
    • So what's stopping me from just creating a new Steam account if I currently have a VAC ban and just applying for .vAs. Gaming?
      Honestly, without some dedicated detective skills and thorough investigation, there's not much. Because of this, we have come up with what we call "The Gentleman's (or Gentlewoman's) Agreement."

    We will allow new members with past VAC bans join if they meet these requirements:

    1. They are completely new to .vAs. Gaming, they have no past history, whatsoever, with .vAs. Gaming
    2. They notify a .vAs. Member of their interest in joining .vAs. Gaming as well as their VAC ban and will provide an explanaition of how they recieved the VAC ban.
    3. They are required to create a brand new Steam account and re-buy whichever game they wish to play with .vAs. Gaming. We will not invite players with VAC bans into our community or into games with us.
    4. Once a new Steam account is created, they will keep their account clean. Any future VAC bans or suspected hacking will not be tolerated and their .vAs. Gaming membership will be terminated immediately.

    If the above steps have been completed, .vAs. Gaming may allow a member to apply at our *sole discretion* and with explicit permission. An extended recruitment period and/or further vetting steps may be applied in order to ensure the quality of our community and the seriousness of the new recruit.

    • I've met all the requirements and I've applied for the community, what now?

    Your application will be reviewed by senior .vAs. Members and they will contact you directly with further steps. The recruitment period typically takes 21 days and during this time, .vAs. members will be looking for you in our Forums, Discord, and in game. They will take note of your activity and interested in the community and if they feel you are a good fit you will be allowed into .vAs. Gaming.

    • How long after I have applied can I put .vAs. tags on?
      If you have passed our 21 day recruitment period, you will be allowed to wear .vAs. tags and represent .vAs. Gaming.
    • What does the .vAs. Gaming use the money that is donated for?
      .vAs. Gaming is run 100% on voluntary donations. This means the Website and Dedicated Server hosting, maintenance, and support is done out of pocket and at a loss. Having dedicated members chip in helps reduce the out of pocket costs associated with running this community and keeps the lights on. As donations grow, .vAs. Gaming will look into further intitiatives to help promote our community, increase our online presence, and establish our brand throughout the interwebs.
    • Can I invite friends to the community even if I am not a member?

    Absolutely! We highly encourage you to bring your friends into the community. If they would like access to our internal Discord channels, please contact a .vAs. member and we can give them Guest access to our channels.

    • What does .Veritas Aequitas Sanguis. mean?

    .Veritas Aequitas Sanguis. means Truth, Justice, Blood. For more information on this meaning please visit our About page.

    • Why did you pick such a strange name for a gaming community?

    During .vAs. Gaming's creation, players were constantly harrassed by trolls, hackers, and toxic communities. We wanted to provide a community that embraced the virtues of fun, friendlyness, and fairness. We felt that the latin words of Truth, Justice, and Blood met those virtues and represented the type of community we wanted to build well.

    • What games does .vAs. Gaming currently play?

    .vAs. Gaming is a multi-gaming community and we are always looking to grow into different games. We currently host dedicated servers in 7 Days to Die, Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles, The Forest, Minecraft, and Terraria. We also play Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Destiny 2, DayZ, The Elder Scrolls Online, and more. If you see a game you want to introduce to .vAs. Gaming, we encourage you to leave a post in our forums to check it out.

    • Where can I find an official list of .vAs. members to friend on Steam?

    You can view our current Roster in our Steam group here.