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  • Welcome to .vAs. Gaming

    about_image.jpg.vAs. Gaming is an international online gaming community founded in 2008 by multiple clans who decided to band together in our flag ship game, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. We strive to provide a community experience that is superior in quality, passion, and commitment. Our members are from all around the world and our diversity has been invaluable in creating this unique gaming community. Our individual ideas have helped to create a strong bond and solid foundation that our community prides itself in for over ten years and running! Our passion for games, friendly demeanor, competitive attitude and strict, honest playing style are at the top of our values.

    Veritas, Aequitas, Sanguis, stands for Truth, Justice, and Blood. Veritas, or Truth, has been referred to as the mother of Virtue itself, and the quality of Truth is considered one of the highest ideals one should possess. Aequitas, or justice, is the ideal of fairness and equality - .vAs. has no sole leader and relies on the group as a whole to achieve our goals. Sanguis, or blood, represents family and our tight knit community - every member in .vAs. is Bound by Blood. We believe our name is only as strong as our character, and our character is only as good as the people in our community. We strive to push ourselves and each other, in order to improve every day and surround ourselves with success.

    We believe that social gaming teams are an essential part of the PC gaming environment that help provide further PC gaming enthusiasm, growth, viability, and development. We strive to raise the standard to be above and beyond your typical online gaming community by focusing on simple virtues that we feel benefit everyone in the PC gaming community. We seek to promote an enjoyable experience for our members, guests and competition that has proven excellence in friendliness, maturity, professionalism and sportsmanship. We understand that the PC gaming community is often unappreciated by game producers in favor of console players which is why we feel very strongly that it is important for .vAs. to be a solid example for other gaming communities to emulate so that the .vAs. standard is seen as the PC gaming rule rather than the exception, in order to promote PC gaming growth, support and a strong sense of community. These are principles which every one of every community can embrace. These are not polite suggestions; we believe these are codes of behavior that should be virtues for everyone.

    .vAs. Gaming was structured for you in mind. Whether you are a competitive gamer looking to dominate the leagues, a YouTube promoter, or just a casual gamer looking for a more enjoyable experience with a team of like-minded individuals, .vAs. Gaming strives to accommodate your interests. Though, our goal is to play to win, .vAs. understands that gaming is an enjoyable past-time for many to relax and have fun, so we try to keep our public matches less serious and more laid back for everyone. We feel that anyone can improve their gaming skills and become a better gamer with the right amount of direction, coaching, and practice even if they do not wish to play at the competitive level and feel that .vAs. has much to offer more veteran players to further improve their skills and success.


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