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  • What can .vAs. Gaming offer you?

        .vAs. Gaming is a premier online community offering a friendly & welcoming environment for mature (18+) gamers. Being a member of our exclusive organization allows you the opportunity to team up in our dedicated servers and become a part of our organized teams in a wide-variety of games. As a .vAs. member, you can enjoy the benefits of playing together in a group & networking with like-minded individuals.

        In .vAs. Gaming, we are committed to keeping our community fun and friendly. We understand that many gamers simply want a casual atmosphere to play games friends without drama and conflict. Since .vAs. Gaming is a premier, exclusive community, every single member of .vAs. is interviewed and vetted in order to keep the quality of our community up to our high standards - we strive to ensure that you are a good fit for .vAs. Gaming as well as .vAs. Gaming is a good fit for you!
        For more competitive gamers, we have a leg up over gaming solo by sharing tips, strategies, & techniques to improve your personal statistics & in-game knowledge. All .vAs. members gain a competitive edge through organized events & scheduled practices in team-oriented play. We strive to push each other to improve in order to get the most out of each game.

    As a member of .vAs. Gaming, you will enjoy the benefits of:

    • A unique and respected 24/7 gaming community, where members are blood. Offering a competitive and casual atmosphere that values fun and pushing each other to improve.
    • Dedicated .vAs. Gaming Virtual Private Servers with virtually unlimited resources to host a large variety of dedicated servers, including 7 Days to Die, Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles, The Forest, Minecraft, Terraria, and more as new games are released. We own the server so upkeep and expenses are low, map wipes are rare, and the ability to grow and scale is available!
    • A professionally designed & developed .vAs. Gaming website, offering a respected and distinguished brand.
    • IP.Board Forums & .vAs. Discord, which includes private channels, exlusive privileges, & dedicated moderators and administrators to ensure a friendly and drama-free environment.
    • Integrated Social Media channels including Steam Group, Facebook, Twitter, & Google+, YouTube, Twitch, & more goal-specific groups to further promote our community & brand.


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